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LifeLine and RapeCrisis PMB

Who is LifeLine and RapeCrisis PMB?

LifeLine & Rape Crisis PMB works in communities in and around Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, offering counselling in both rape crisis and HIV/AIDS. LifeLine and Rape Crisis PMB is affiliated to LifeLine Southern Africa and LifeLine International.

LifeLine Southern Africa provides a 24-hour crisis intervention service available to all sectors of the community throughout South Africa regardless of race, religion or standing. In South Africa it is estimated that 5 million are currently living with HIV/AIDS and that their life expectancy is less than 5 years. South Africa has the highest per capita rate of reported rape in the world and many more rapes go unreported. LifeLine & Rape Crisis PMB works with the victims of rape to prevent new HIV infections and provide counselling.

What have we done to help?

Money donated by 21st Century Leaders has provided training for counsellors in both rape crisis and HIV/Aids. The counsellors are based at 4 sites in the Msunduzi (Pietermaritzubrg) City Health area, providing emergency assistance and accurate information to rape survivors, through the provision of pre-and post-test counselling services for HIV testing and access to post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and support.

These funds will allow LifeLine Rape Crisis PMB to establish a model of good practice in the provision of counselling services relating to HIV/Aids in Pietermaritzburg. It will also be used to ensure that poor people have increased access to affordable and adequate basic health services through the municipal health system. With particular focus on HIV/Aids and gender issues to provide support services for rape survivors.

Lifeline is a national organisation with 20 centres and 15 satellite centres around South Africa. LifeLine-Rape Crisis is a lead partner in the CINDI (Children in Distress Network) which focuses on children’s needs in relation to HIV/Aids.

The high standard of counselling at Lifeline-Rape Crisis has been recognised by other counselling organisations in the country – and in April 2003 Lifeline-Rape Crisis was invited to train a group of counsellors from South Africa, Botswana and Namibia in rape crisis counselling principles and methods.

With the grant received from the 21st Century Leaders, the project was able to expand into the provision of counselling and PEP services to rape survivors. Although LifeLine has been working with women and girls for three years this project now means that 4 Counsellors can be placed in 4 strategic sites to provide services specifically for rape survivors. In addition the Counsellors will be trained to qualify as Social Auxiliary Workers.

The money raised by the sales of these wristbands will be donated to LifeLine and Rape Crisis PMB to fund the expansion of its Rape Crisis and HIV/AIDS Counseling Services to a very troubled area where there is a high incidence of rape and violence against women.

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