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Our Philosophy

21st Century Leaders is committed to the constant review of its relationship with the environment.

We examine all of the products manufactured by our licensees, and make every reasonable effort to continually improve the environmental performance of these products, their constituent materials and method of manufacture.

We invest in researching each product area in which we work, to ensure that our products are both compliant with all relevant environmental legislation, and also meet the environmental compliance standards that we set for these items.

The 21st Century Leaders community of commercial partners is aware of our goal to strive continually towards increased sustainability. We share our environmental research with all 21st Century Leaders staff, consultants, agencies, manufacturing partners and their factories, ensuring that they have access to our research and agreed standards. By educating, enabling and building capacity among all the factories in which our products are manufactured, we influence environmental standards in large commercial factories in markets as diverse as the Japan, Germany, Austria, Korea, UAE and mainland China.

Our Standards

All paper and card is made from either recycled material or certified sustainable harvested   materials – see  and

Any inks must be certified non-toxic and considered low in VOC. Where possible water based inks should be used, and we encourage our licence partners to go further, and use vegetable and other natural inks where possible.

Dyes for fabrics must meet Oeko-tex standards or equivalent.

We ask that packaging is designed to minimise waste, and that they are recyclable. We also ask for restrain to use plastic components in packaging, and encourage biodegradable plastics.

We ask that minimum additional packaging materials are used in transit, and that they are recyclable.

Licence partners make a contractual commitment to deliver products to retail customers by the most direct possible route, and in a manner which minimises damage to the environment.

When presenting products for approval, all materials must be specified.

Sharing Our Learning

Click on the links below to see the areas we have researched so far:

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