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Who is S.A.F.E?

Sponsored Arts For Education (S.A.F.E.) supports and initiates projects in the developing world, that use the arts, primarily theatre, to communicate health education messages. Working alongside, and providing employment for some of the best young local artists, S.A.F.E. disseminates vital health messages to the communities at large. By supporting and developing local arts, S.A.F.E. recognises the importance of culture to all communities worldwide.

“Drama in pre-colonial Kenya was not an isolated event. It was functional and part of the life of a people. Drama was an entertainment…it was a moral instruction and was also a strict matter of life and death. This drama was not performed in a building set aside for the purpose. It could be a fireplace anywhere – where there was an empty space.”

Ngugi wa Thiong’o

What have we done to help?

Angelica Huston

Sponsored Arts for Education (S.A.F.E) aims to encourage the advancement of public education in the developing world using the arts, primarily theatre, as a way to communicate health education.

Wherever possible, this will entail the sponsorship of existing local arts groups, as a means of disseminating vital health education information to the communities at large. Whilst working mainly in Kenya, S.A.F.E recognizes the importance of culture to all communities world-wide.