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The Toothfairy Foundation

Who is The Toothfairy Foundation?

Friends in Ireland, the organisation which runs the Tooth Fairy Foundation, was created in June 2002 and was born out of a visit to South Africa in mid 2002 when the organisation saw, at first hand, orphaned and abandoned HIV AIDS babies being nursed and cared for by the Sisters of Nazareth in Cape Town - far removed from their families and communities. At that time, prior to the availability of anti-retroviral drugs, they were largely being nursed until their death.

The work of the Sisters of Nazareth was only addressing the tiniest tip of an enormous iceberg and they expressed the urgent need to provide care within the township proper.

HIV AIDS is rampant within the township and it was evident that there was need for a Hospice within the township - a place of peace & sanctuary where mothers in the last couple of weeks of their lives could take refuge and continue to have their babies with them to the end, and where babies and small children could be nursed to the end and have their mothers with them - an impossibility unless there was a hospice actually within the township itself. What was clear was, to be most effective, it must be within its own community where by its nature, it has to be small, compact and reasonably easy to run.

Tooth Fairy Foundation’s work concentrates on building and supporting the running of hospice, day care centres for HIV positive children and houses to accommodate orphans in a homely and loving environment in deprived areas of South Africa.

What have we done to help?

Based on the success of the combination of Hospice Orphan House and Day Care Centre, it was suggested at a recent EU conference on the pandemic in Africa that this could be a model to be replicated right throughout Africa. The Tooth Fairy Foundation has had many requests already to repeat this model. The funds raised from 21 Century Leaders will enable them to continue this important work.

It is important to note that EVERY PENNY that is donated goes into the charity’s accounts and is used 100% by the charity projects directly. There are no administrative fees deducted whatsoever.

Supported by:
Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci, The Killers
Kaiser Chiefs