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Trade Plus Aid

Who is Trade Plus Aid?

The Trade plus Aid charitable trust is the parent charity of 21st Century Leaders (registered charity number 1061376). Trade plus Aid donates funds to projects designed to alleviate poverty in some of the world's poorest communities, to assist disadvantaged communities to become self-sufficient and to protect the environment.

Trade plus Aid funds projects primarily in Africa and Asia. In order to implement these projects on the ground, Trade plus Aid's policy is to select specialised charities or non-profit organisations as Project Partners and to award grants for specified projects.
Trade plus Aid also aims to promote ethical trade.

Trade plus Aid proposes that the money raised from the sale of these wristbands be used to fund projects in South Africa to help impoverished families and orphaned children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Trade Plus Aid is working to Make Poverty History.

Trade plus Aid continues to manage its Nutritional Outreach programme, which serves 5 communities Johannesburg area. Over 650,000 meals and food parcels are delivered each year to the following:

Informal Settlement in Cleveland
This settlement is home to many people who have migrated from the rural areas of Kwazulu Natal to urban areas surrounding the city centre. As most were forced to abandoned their homes to flee violence and to search for work, they are living in very difficult conditions with minimal income. With the help of the local InDuna, Trade plus Aid has been able to continue the outreach programme with consistency & a level of control which ensures that the food is reaching those most in need.

Trauma Unit South African Police Station in Cleveland
Trade plus Aid supplies the Trauma Unit which is the police's own outreach programme. Food is collected from the Trade plus Aid workshop on a Friday morning and is broken down into packets. These packets are distributed to the elderly and infirm in the area, as well as numerous child-run households. Trade plus Aid is one of the few donors to this programme and the people who run it do so on a voluntary basis.

School, Denver Informal Settlement
Trade plus Aid has continued to assist in the Denver Informal Settlement. The school is currently trying to raise its grade average which will enable it to join a government grant scheme to relieve its 100% dependence on donations of this kind.

Impelo - Place of Safety Orange Grove
Trade plus Aid provides maize meal for abandoned babies and often works with the local police station and the Child Protection Unit to ensure that a safe place is found for each deserted child.

The Central Methodist Church JHB
Trade plus Aid donates all the maize and soya needed by the Central Methodist Church, whose volunteers go out onto the street of Central Johannesburg twice a week to feed the hungry. They supply 1,200 meals a night. Those in need are mainly 'illegal' immigrants, who have come to South Africa from its northern borders. Many of these people are not eligible for refugee status and therefore cannot benefit from the state 'system'.