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Who is Unicef?

UNICEF helps children receive the support, healthcare and education they need to survive the threats of childhood poverty - such as preventable disease or malnutrition - and grow up to become healthy adults.

HIV/AIDS is the single greatest threat to the development of Mozambique, a country where 54% of its people live below the poverty line.
• 1.5 Million (14.9% of Mozambicans) aged between 15 to 49 are living with HIV/AIDS
• 85'000 children are HIV positive
• 500 Mozambicans get infected with HIV every day
• 90 babies are infected by their mothers every day
• More than 270'000 children have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS

Unicef are working in Mozambique on Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT). By giving mothers one drug dose before birth and one to the child directly after birth, 50% of babies will be born free of HIV. Unicef is working with partners to provide training for health workers and by the end of 2007 16 new PMTCT clinics will be added to the existing 44. This will save 3'500 babies from HIV/AIDS. Unicef will also work to help women living with HIV/AIDS get the right treatment for themselves and their children.

In 2004 Unicef opened the country's first children's day hospital specialising in paediatric AIDS. They will now continue to expand the capacity of doctors on clinical care for these children, as well as opening 28 new treatment clinics as well as develop their home-based care department. These clinics will serve up to 14'000 children living with HIV/AIDS.

Unicef will also use the funds to advocate for the rights of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), ensuring that they are given access to schooling, healthcare, safe drinking water, food, vocational skills and counselling. They hope that by the end of 2007 they will have helped over 40'000 OVCs to basic social services and been able to gain at least one million birth certificates for the children.

Unicef will also work to promote safe sex amongst young people and hope to educate and council 50'000 children and young people by their Youth Friendly Health Services staffed by over 300 peer councillors.

What have we done to help?

Funds from 21st Century Leaders will help further develop Unicef's work in Mozambique.

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